About Ikon Connect

A vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. In many of those thefts, not only is property harmed, but so are people.

Our commitment to providing vehicle owners with peace of mind drove us to create the most accurate and reliable connected car technology on the market today.

Ikon is run by parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives with one common goal: keeping families safe. With that goal in mind, we designed the Ikon Connected Car System. It is here to save you money, protect your family, and give you constant peace of mind.

Features like pinpoint location accuracy, 24/7 reporting, and customized alerts and notifications all at your fingertips are designed for exactly that purpose.


Getting Started

Start by downloading ikon Connect to your smartphone. Once downloaded, begin customizing your alert settings.

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See what ikon Connect users are saying about their experience.

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Frequently asked questions, answers, and contact phone numbers for further support and assistance.

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My family loves ikon! Great customer service and the product is exactly what we needed! Thanks Ana!

Glen Longvia Google Reviews

I love the service I get from the IKON customer support. They are always friendly and helpful. And their product that I use performs flawlessly.

Jonas Heckervia Google Reviews

Awesome product and would recommend it to others to use. Customer service is outstanding.

Julio Villavia Google Reviews

My wife and I feel much more secure, particularly with our youngest, being able to know that we could find her if we needed to.

Mike Mattingly

Ikon, I’ll tell you it’s been a saving grace for us because not only is it the product that you’re getting, but also the personnel.

D. Jimenez

I would strongly recommend ikon to anyone in need of this type of service. Great Customer service.

Raisaa Abreu

Amazing customer service and even better products!

Evan Wiesel